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What is Online Marketing?

Today, I sent an email explaining Online Marketing. I thought this might be helpful for those of you who are just learning about the wonderful world of Internet Marketing…

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to organic search optimization and includes development of content and back-links to increase relevancy and page rank. This ultimately helps your website receive higher placement in unpaid search results for search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Although no one knows the exact algorithms used by the search engines for determining placement, there are several components of a website and online marketing that help increase page rank. Most important is the content of the website, the placement and treatment of keywords/phrases and the density/saturation of said keywords within your content. Of equal importance is the quantity and relevancy of back-links and their corresponding hypertext linking to your page specific content.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) typically encompasses all forms of SEO & PPC. PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are paid advertising campaigns through various search and social mediums. Google Adwords is one of the larger PPC platforms on the web. You may also hear PPC Campaigns referred to as CPC (Cost Per Click) Campaigns. These two terms are essentially synonymous, one referring to the cost and one referring to the click. As the name implies, the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on an ad. The key purpose of using an online marketing company like Brady Mills to manage your PPC campaigns is to increase ROI (Return On Investment) by utilizing keyword research analysis tools (like WordTracker) to develop advertising campaigns around the most effective and most acutely targeted keywords/phrases. Additionally, A/B tests can be conducted on ad versions to determine which has the highest ROI, allowing you to more finely tune your advertising efforts.

Determining the ROI extends into another function of Online Marketing; Analytics. Using Google Analytics, we can measure the success of each of the campaigns you run. These campaigns can be tracked across multiple channels, including social, email, 3rd party advertising, paid search and organic search. By utilizing campaign tracking, funnel navigation and goal tracking we can determine key metrics that help you increase ROI and better manage your online marketing dollars.

By outsourcing your online marketing, you are hiring professionals who have years of training and experience using Keyword Analysis (WordTracker), Competitive Analysis (WebTrends), Traffic Analysis (Google Analytics) and Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) management and research tools. Brady Mills has been in business 7 years providing interactive online marketing and website development services. We have worked with brands such as Allstate, Bank of New York, Bank of Montreal, Wachovia/First Union (now Wells Fargo), FOREX (divisions in AU, CA, GB, RU, US) and local Nashville organizations such as Martha O’Bryan, Nashville GLBT Chamber and Love Helps, Inc.

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