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Website Design

Segpay has made a name for itself as a trailblazer in the high-risk payment processing industry, providing secure and reliable services to businesses worldwide. Under the leadership of CEO Cathy Beardsley, Segpay has emerged as a prominent player in the market, and they needed a digital platform to match their ambition and showcase their unique strengths.

Segpay Website Design & Mobile Website
Joining Hearts Website Design & Mobile Website


Website Design

At Brady Mills Agency, we are passionate about using our digital expertise to help organizations bring their visions to life. We were honored to collaborate with Joining Hearts, a renowned nonprofit dedicated to AIDS education and support, to redesign their website and strengthen their online presence.


Website Design • Video

At Brady Mills Agency, we take pride in designing bespoke digital solutions that encapsulate the distinct character of each brand we collaborate with. We were excited to join forces with Creaxion, a prestigious boutique marketing firm based in Atlanta, to develop a website that would showcase their remarkable accomplishments and signature approach to marketing.

Creaxion Website Design & Mobile Website
Dark Precious Website Design & Mobile Website


Website Design • Branding

Dark Precious prides itself on crafting scrumptious, customized CBD pastries using the finest Hemp, offering clients an unparalleled experience of indulgence and relief. We were thrilled to collaborate with John Doan, founder of Dark Precious, a bespoke CBD pastry company, to develop a website that would showcase the delightful fusion of his culinary expertise and passion for holistic well-being.


Website Design • Branding

Dr. Parry’s Atlanta primary care practice is built on a strong foundation of understanding, empathy, and expertise in addressing the unique health concerns of the LGBTQ+ community. We were honored to partner with Dr. Parry, to revitalize their website and branding, highlighting their dedication to providing compassionate and inclusive healthcare.

Dr. Parry Website Design & Mobile Website + Branding Design
Restaurant Menu Design


Website Design • Plugin Dev

A restaurant group with multiple restaurant chains across the US contacted us regarding the redesign of their many brands’ online menus. Working with their marketing agency, we were able to build a custom plugin to use across their brands with customizations to match the branding for each restaurant.


Website Design • Plugin Dev

Another example of a beautiful and colorful restaurant menu we built from a custom-development menu WordPress plugin for a restaurant group with multiple restaurant chains across the US.

Restaurant Menu for Smoothie and Healthy Bowls restaurant.


Video Post Production

As part of the larger redesign of the Creaxion website, we also created this website video opener / teaser to celebrate their 25 years in business. This video is a featured highlight on the homepage of the website.


Videography • Aerial • Post-Production

Combining 4K on-location footage from M&M’s warehouse in Tennessee and aerial footage from downtown Chattanooga, this video captures highlights of the company’s strong work culture and precision of their plastic manufacturing plant.

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