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Undeniable Value of SEO

Promoting your website with SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a valuable tool–powerful enough to boost traffic and, by extension, create new business. Through the right blend of strategic keywords, descriptions, content and design, your company moves higher in search results, making it easier for users to find you. And the more users that get in touch with your site, the more business that will result.

It was SEO that recently propelled sales for Mrs. Fields, the well-known cookie giant: through SEO marketing, the company saw sales of gift baskets move 20 percent higher and searches for gift baskets rise by 200 percent. “If you can get ranking high in natural search, which is free, I think that is important for any business,” said Chris Kuhn, online marketing coordinator at Mrs. Fields.

The fact is, SEO strategies from experienced agencies like BMG have been proven to change the face of business for clients–in some cases, providing as much as 200% returns on investments.

One CEO remarked, “…A business owner would have to be living in the dark to not understand the benefits of SEO.”

Other Nashville businesses are already taking advantage of this game-changing tool, enlisting the help of strategists like Brady Mills, in order to rank higher and become more profitable. Local surgeon and business owner Dr. Jeffrey Marvel, for example, was interested in boosting business at his medical practices, so he utilized SEO strategies when designing his three websites, each targeted to particular clients. Whatever your industry or area of expertise, SEO can help your business rank higher and be more successful.

That’s because Search Engine Optimization is more than just a web tool; it’s a powerful marketing strategy that can make a measurable difference in your company’s exposure and sales. For more information on how Brady Mills can help your company move forward, contact us today!

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