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Experiments in Online Marketing

It can be difficult to find the right fit for your company’s online marketing plan, but that doesn’t mean you should succumb to a one-size-fits all mentality. Marketing your product or service requires a certain amount of finesse – especially when branching out to a new segment of consumers. Give your plan some wiggle room for testing and experimenting. These are a few guidelines we follow when tweaking marketing plans:

Always keep your goals at the forefront of your online marketing plan. If you’re moving in the direction of your ultimate goal (increasing sales, response rates, awareness, etc.) then you’ve got the right momentum – you may just arrive at it a differently than anticipated. When you keep your goals in mind, it’s much easier to hone in on what’s effective. Sometimes the most creative (and effective) marketing comes by taking a roundabout path… just don’t get too distracted by the new territory, always keep an eye on the final destination.

Nuances can make a world of difference. If your email marketing campaign isn’t producing the results you want, don’t scrap email marketing. Instead, look at your message. Is your tone appropriate? Are these customers looking to you for a light-hearted message or do they want a just-business rundown? If the tone’s right, consider calls to action. Does the customer know what to do? Subtle changes and guiding directions can make any tool more effective.

Try new techniques, but know when to move on. There’s a careful balance to strike when testing new methods. You don’t want to bail too early before giving the process a chance to eek out results, but also you don’t want to be caught stubbornly pushing along an effort that’s not gonna budge. When you’re not seeing results, use your best judgment and don’t be afraid to redirect your efforts.

Have realistic expectations. While you may be primed and ready for customers to start knocking down your door within 24 hours of implementing a new marketing tool, recognize that most plans work on a slow-build concept. While things may start out slow at first, committing to a plan that’s producing results is likely develop into a steady, long-lived stream of business.

Keep adjusting your plan until you find the combination that maximizes your marketing dollar’s impact. Testing new methods and refining messages can be frustrating, but it’s essential for creating the right marketing mix.

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