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Mobile Search Optimization is coming. Don't be left behind, as Google updates their search algorithms and separates mobile search from desktop search in the coming months.

Mobile Search Optimization is coming. For the past several months, Google has been updating their search algorithms to show favor to websites with responsive, mobile friendly versions. Having a non-responsive website has been the major pain point for most existing businesses with websites built before the mobile boom. Now, Google aims to solidify their stance on mobile-friendly design by making mobile indexing their primary and most dominant index ranking factor.

While Google will continue to maintain a separate traditional desktop search index, the mobile search index will be the most up-to-date and preferred ranking method. So, if you are a business without a mobile-friendly website, it is time to start thinking about an upgrade.

Almost a year ago, Gary Illyes, a search analyst ignited speculation that Google would launch a separate mobile only index. That time has come, and while an exact date has not been confirmed, Illyes says that mobile indexing rollout will begin in the next few months. An exact date hasn’t been confirmed, but search-focused businesses should begin making appropriate changes as soon as possible.

With more than 85% of Google’s search results being mobile friendly and more than half of all users utilizing mobile devices to search and view websites, Google seeks to better serve their Internet searchers by providing more user-friendly content.

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Mobile Search Optimization – What does it mean?

  • Many webmasters and website developers have been slow to adopt a mobile first mentality, but their customers will certainly suffer in search results if their websites are not soon responsive.
  • Many businesses still use an adaptive website, rather than a responsive website. Because the content of an adaptive website can be drastically different (often displaying less/reduced content) than that of the respective desktop version, these separate algorithms may cause mobile rankings to drop. Converting to a responsive website design is recommended.

While this news may mean that you need to focus on your mobile presence, it’s still a few months off. So, there is time to get your site updated to use the required mobile optimizations.

Is your website mobile friendly? Ready for the Search Changes?

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