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Productivity Apps that Make Life Easier

I use so many different websites and productivity apps that I’ve discovered over the years to help create more balance in my life. From business to home life, here are a few of my favorite:

  • FastCustomer (App) – Tired of waiting on hold to talk to a Customer Service Representative? I was too. Then I found, FastCustomer. This app allows you to select from hundreds of common business customer service numbers, tap the company and then wait for a customer representative to call you back. The app works by navigating the phone tree to a customer service representative. Once the rep answers, they are asked to push a number to connect the call. Once they do, your phone rings and you are instantly connected! No more waiting on hold! I’ve used this app with 99% success!
  • DropBox (App & Website) – Having registered for a professional DropBox account, I can store tons of documents on the cloud and access them from anywhere … on my iPhone and on my computer! Never be without a document again!
  • CardMunch by LinkedIn (App) – Give me a business card and I will find a way to lose it. Not anymore though! With CardMunch, I can scan your business card and instantly store the details in the app and in my phone contacts. Additionally, the app finds you on LinkedIn and gives me the option to connect. Kill two birds with one stone and download this cool extra from LinkedIn.
  • Pages (App) – A completely separate app for managing your Facebook Pages. This app is a lifesaver, especially if you are like me and managing a TON of Facebook Pages.
  • Register (App) – This app and super small attachment allows me to easily process credit cards on the go. Low processing fees and outstanding user interface make this a go-to app for payment processing through my iPhone. They even have full POS systems for those with physical products.
  • Starbucks (App) – This one is a no-brainer. I love coffee. It helps me work. People know I love the brown liquid so they give me gift cards. I can consolidate all my gift cards on my Starbucks app and then pay for my coffee using my phone. Cool beans!
  • Skype (App) – Having clients all over the world, telephone meetings can become quite expensive. Not with Skype! I can make voice and video calls anywhere in the world to other users for free, or I can purchase very cost-effective packages and talk via VOIP for next to nothing. How do you like those cookies, ATT?
  • Freshbooks (Website) – Having used Quickbooks and finding the user interface frustrating, I started looking for something else. That’s when I discovered Freshbooks’ website. This awesome website handles automated invoices, time tracking, expenses and online payments. It’s not free but it’s my best monthly investment in my company.
  • Pandora (App & Website) – Because we all need a little music. Streaming music for free. Now that’s a good deal!
  • Gmail (App & Website) – By far the best way to manage my email. I don’t even use the native Mail app on my iPhone anymore.
  • Food on the Table (App) – Planning dinner is extremely hard when you have been working all day. This app lets me plan my meals for the week and automatically generates my grocery list (broken down into store sections). Then all I have to do is click the meal planner and the recipe appears. This cool little app integrates with several of the major culinary websites, allowing you to access just about any recipe your heart desires. This saves me time, money and a whole lot of headaches. Best of all, it’s free!

Have other apps and websites that make your life easier? Tell me what they are…

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