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Do Real Estate Agents Really Need Their Own Website?

We know how important websites are for the brokerages selling the homes. But, what about websites for the agents themselves? Is it worth having one created separately from the profile published on the main company’s site? The answer is a resounding yes. It’s more than beneficial to you and to the company you work for. Here’s why:

Building your own Brand Awareness

When you work for one company for a long time, you build up a list of clientele that comes to you every time they need property. They also send any of their friends your way whenever they need recommendations for an agent. That’s great until you move on to a new brokerage. The profile the other company had on their site will be deleted. Your clientele may have a harder time finding you the next time they need your business. Having your own website will aid in building your own brand so your clients can always find you no matter where you are.

Drive more traffic to the main company’s site

Having another website means more content for search engines to pick up on. An agent’s site quickly becomes an extension, of sorts, to your company’s. People who land within your pages can find a direct path to the main site to find out whatever information they’re searching for.

Gives you more room to educate or provide value to your clients

Brokerage sites typically have a page containing pictures and small blurbs of the person’s profile information. There’s not usually much room to sell your clientele on being an authority in your field. Your own site allows you to showcase your skills as well as educate them on various real estate information. You can also add whatever you want to it to provide more value to your clients. One example of that is by integrating an IDX, or integrated data exchange system to showcase a feed from current MLS listings. This helps them see what they need in one place when they have little time to devote to searching.

If you branch out on your own someday, you’re already well on your way to building trust with your own clients. Your website allows them to find you easily, no matter where you go and you don’t lose a long list of clients you once had just because you switched companies. Let us help you create that site so you can not only sell homes, but sell yourself as well. Contact us today for more information about our services or to get your site started.

Atlanta Real Estate Web Design. Do real estate agents really need their own website?

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