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10 Reasons You Should Refresh Your Website

March 13, 2019

Your house isn’t the only thing that needs a solid Spring cleaning. Use this season of renewal to give your website a good refresher too! Regular design and quality updates can help keep your brand current and your business in the eyes of your consumer. It’s important that you give your website a yearly once over, and many companies opt for a complete refresh every 2-3 years. If you haven’t refreshed your website in a while, now is the perfect time.

It is worthwhile to review your website performance annually and make changes as necessary. Here’s why:

1. Update website themes

New themes, styles and website looks are created every day by tech savvy designers. It is important that your website stay on trend to appeal to new and emerging consumers.

2. Use fresh content

You need to ensure that you’re not only staying current with the look of your website, but also with its content. Keeping up to date information on your site will make certain that your customers always know what is happening with your business.

3. Google knows things

As you update your website, changes are noted by the all knowing Google. This increases your ranking over other websites who have not made recent updates. Google’s algorithms favor more relevant content.

4. SEO performance boost

You need to regularly update your key words to include any changes in your business, and also be aware of what keywords and phrases your perfect clients are searching. As you update, highlighting important SEO keywords, you will find increased traffic to your site happens naturally.

5. Business changes

You will want to note any changes to your business offerings, hours or practices to keep your clients and potential clients in the know.

6. Increase security

As technologies change, revamping your website can help to make your systems more friendly to customers by ensuring their information is secure. Updates regularly include more security measures in up to date software.

7. Make it mobile friendly

Making your website more mobile friendly is becoming increasingly important. All aspects of your website need to be visible on mobile devices. As audiences become more tech savvy and younger, they almost exclusively use their mobile device when researching services.

8. To increase social media presence

Updates to your website should include links to all your social media avenues.

9. To increase website speed

Often an update will optimize images and make other media load faster. Utilizing a combination of file optimization and content delivery networks, this is a huge benefit to user experience and overall rankings.

10. Easier navigation and lower bounce rate

When you make menus clearer, and offer more opportunities for click throughs, your bounce rate will naturally decrease as clients stick around on your site for longer periods of time.

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10 Reasons You Should Refresh Your Website

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