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We create beautiful responsive websites, because mobile-first design is not just the way of the future: It’s the way of right now.

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Almost every new client we meet wants a website that is mobile-friendly (responsive website design). If they don’t want a responsive site, they should. Mobile devices make up a huge percentage of website views and Google searches. As such, Google has introduced new algorithms that will place responsive websites higher in their search results.

It all started with adaptive website designs, back when only a handful of mobile devices were on the market. Adaptive websites were specifically built for each screen size, but this method quickly began failing. Creating adaptive stylesheets became an impossible task as the number and sizes of devices grew. Enter, Responsive Website Design.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website design is a web development approach that suggests the layout of a website respond intuitively with the user’s screen size and orientation. Responsive design is achieved using a mix of flexible grid systems and layouts, responsive images, and use of CSS media queries to create directives. As a user switches from a desktop to a mobile device, or even as they resize their desktop screen, the website should respond fluidly to accommodate for resolution, image size and device type. This eliminates the need for multiple versions of a website (adaptive development) for each device and significantly reduces the cost of website development.

Responsive website design stems from the concept of responsive architectural design, where a room or space can automatically reconfigure or adjust to accommodate a larger density of people. Using a combination of tensile materials and embedded robotics, architects are experimenting with flexible walls that bend, flex and expand as people approach them. It sounds like something out of the Jetsons … Pretty cool, huh?

The same principles these architects are studying can be applied to the web. Traditional websites were not mobile friendly, and they are ineffective for mobile users. Google notes that almost 60%of all searches come from mobile devices. We have even seen as much as 80% traffic from mobile devices for some of our clients. Therefore, it is imperative that a website be designed and developed with mobile users as our first priority!

Our Website Design Process

Our four step website design phase ensures that you get the website you envision, by offering you full transparency from the very beginning. Within a couple of weeks, you will begin to see your website design take shape and you can rest assured we are all working toward a mobile-first common goal.

Phase I: Research

From an initial discovery call to competitive research, we make sure to address every aspect and nuance of your website and industry to build the perfect website.

Phase II: Design

Our team of graphic and user experience designers work together to create a website design that reflects your brand and engages your users.

Phase III: Development

Once you’ve approved the design, our expert web developers set to work making your design come to life on the web.

Phase IV: Testing & Launch

Before we launch, we test every aspect of your website to ensure it works properly. Then, once we get your approval, we launch the site and provide your team with any necessary training.

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