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We provide data management solutions for companies needing intuitive business solutions for big data.

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At Brady Mills, our database architecture experts work with clients to solve complex business problems. Sometimes, this requires implementing strategies to manage data more effectively. Whether this is the development of an inventory management system, time tracking system, shipping management or another business need, Brady Mills LLC is here to help.

What is Database Architecture?

Database architecture focuses on design, development, implementation and management of structured data for businesses and organizations to be used in web or computer applications. While there are many types of databases, we specialize in SQL (structured query language) and MySQL database design and management. MySQL is an open source SQL database platform.

Organizing data in a structured format allows organizations to build complex applications to track inventory, manage shipments, workflows and more. Our database architects help companies grow and expand their business into new marketplaces and help businesses develop vision plans and strategic goals.

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Need help with your database management, or have complex data that needs to be wrangled? Let us help.

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