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A well designed landing page helps drive conversions through simplistic design and a focused objective or Call to Action. These standalone pages are created as a place for Google Adwords ad traffic or visitors from another pay per click campaign to “land.”

What’s the Difference Between a Homepage and a Landing Page?

Homepage versus landing page design

Homepage (Left) vs. Landing Page (Right)

A homepage has multiple links tying your full website and brand together, while a landing page typically has one link or call to action. The orange areas in the photos above represent links. As you can see the goal of the landing page is to get the user to perform the desired action, without distracting or diluting the message.

Two Types of Landing Pages

Lead Generation – Lead Generation Landing Pages have a prominent web form used for collecting lead information (name, address, phone, email, etc).

Click Through – Click Through Landing Pages drive traffic for one product or service and have a simple button as a Call To Action.

Why Do I Need Landing Pages?

Studies show that you only have a few seconds to capture a website visitor’s attention. When your landing page matches the message of your online ad, you are more likely to keep the visitor’s attention. Further, the page will increase conversions by presenting information specific to the advertised product or service and a clear and enticing CTA.

A/B Testing

By creating multiple variants (challengers) of your page, we can run tests to determine which version of the page converts best. This A/B testing can include anything from changing a headline, colors, CTA placement or tone of the content. You may want to begin a campaign with multiple pages to equally test their effectiveness; however, for an established campaign you can mitigate risks by assigning a lower traffic weight to the challenging pages.

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