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Our email marketing management professionals are committed to developing ROI-driven email marketing campaigns for our clients, from design and development to integration and tracking.

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Email marketing is a highly-effective and cost-efficient way to reach customers to sell your products and advertise your services. Effective email marketing campaigns can turn prospective clients into paying customers and past customers into loyal fans of your brand.

Our dedicated team of email marketing professionals, web designers and graphic designers will work with you to build a successful email campaign. We can help you with all aspects of your campaign or just the parts you need help with. Our graphic designers design beautiful email templates that our developers can convert into mobile-friendly email designs, and our marketing specialists can help you establish the right funnels for your campaigns, integrate automation and segment lists and insert dynamic content for a more successful click-through-rate.

Additionally, our web development team can help you build landing pages that convert your clicks into buying customers. Building custom landing pages specific to your email campaigns drive higher engagement and keep the CTA in clear focus.

We can help you secure email lists, if you don’t already have a list of potential clients or current clients. We can find segmented lists for just about any industry, client demographic, geographic location, interest or job title you’d like. Further, we can help you set up and integrate newsletter signup forms to capture newsletter leads through your website or another online platform, helping you build your own list of potential clients and interested customers.

Our 5 Steps to Building a Successful Email Campaign

  1. Establish Your Goals
    We work with you to determine the goals of your campaigns, the types of clients you are targeting, their needs and how each email campaign will serve those needs. We’ll help you determine these goals by looking at your overall marketing strategies and how email will fit into the mix.
  2. Build Your Email List
    We’ll either help you build a list from scratch or import an existing list. We’ll also help you ensure you have proper permissions to send to your list. Building a list from scratch usually follows a two part formula for success: Valuable Incentive + Simple Subscribe = Large Lists 
  3. Determine the Types of Campaigns
    Email campaigns fall into multiple categories and should be sent according to the specific wants and needs of the recipient. The most popular types of campaigns are: Newsletters, Marketing Offers, Announcements and Event Invitations. We’ll select the types of email campaigns that will best support your goals. If your goal is to keep current customers up to date on new products, projects and news, a regular newsletter will likely achieve your goal. If you’d like to promote a new product or sale, a marketing offer will prove the most effective.
  4. Create Your Campaigns
    Next we’ll build out your email on an email marketing platform like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, ExactTarget, Salesforce, Constant Contact or one of the numerous other platforms. We’ll design and develop the email so it’s easy to read, draws the user’s eye to the call to action, and displays nicely across email systems and screen sizes. We’ll integrate any dynamic content, triggers and segmentations to start running your campaigns.
  5. Measure The Results
    We’ll help you set up any integrations with Google Analytics to properly monitor your campaign’s success. You’ll be able to monitor open rate, bounce rate, click through rate, shares and unsubscribes from your email marketing platform. Google Analytics will give you insight into how well the email is driving recipients to follow through with your call to action. You can even track your ROI by setting goals on your campaigns and running reports through Google Analytics.

Email Marketing Pricing

The following information will give you a general outline of our email marketing service pricing. In some cases, a more customized solution may be a better fit for your company, so feel free to reach out if you have specific questions.

Fully Managed Campaigns

Our fully managed campaigns are great for clients who want a completely hands-off experience. We handle everything from content writing to design, testing and deployment of your emails.

  • $500/month
  • We provide content writing, testing, design and deployment.
  • 2 emails per month included.
  • 1-2 Additional Emails: $260/email
  • 3-5 Additional Emails: $240/email
  • 6+ Additional Emails: $215/email
  • Automated Campaigns: Cost Per Email based on above pricing + $300/campaign

Partially Managed Campaigns

Our partially managed campaigns allow you to save money by providing content yourself. While you provide the content, we will still manage design, testing and deployment of your emails.

  • $225/month
  • You provide content writing.
  • We provide testing, design and deployment.
  • 1 email per month included.
  • 1-2 Additional Emails: $160/email
  • 3-5 Additional Emails: $140/email
  • 6+ Additional Emails: $115/email
  • Automated Campaigns: Cost Per Email based on above pricing + $300/campaign

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