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PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which is a type of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee when one of their ads is clicked. Unlike, Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertisers buy website visits rather than attempting to drive traffic through “free” organic search.

Google Pay Per Click is a popular pay per click platform, where advertisers can bid for placement on the search engine’s sponsored results when someone searches a specific keyword related to their business. When the ad is clicked, the advertiser must pay the search engine a small fee. These fees can range in price, so it’s important to properly set the advertising budget to optimize the return on investment.

Pay Per Click Success Model

A number of factors determine how successful your PPC Campaign will be. Your PPC ads appear based on the keywords and keyword match types you select. Beyond these factors, we focus on the following for optimal results from your campaign:

  • Keyword Relevance – Utilizing industry-leading software to craft precise keyword lists and proper ad text increases acquisition of targeted leads.
  • Landing Page Quality – Creating an optimized landing page that encourages user action through persuasive copy and a clear call-to-action helps increase your inbound leads.
  • Quality Score – Google has created a Quality Score algorithm to ensure that your keywords, website and campaigns are the highest quality for their users. As your Quality Score increases, you are able to receive more ad clicks at lower costs.

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