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Logos vs Branding

August 21, 2015

A Logo is not quite a brand, and a brand is not just a logo

When it comes to starting a business, there’s a huge misconception that all you need is a logo with your business name or a symbolic graphic, and with this you instantly believe you have a brand that’s recognizable to your target audience. While it’s true that a logo plays a huge role in a business’ brand, a logo is only one gear that makes the recognizable sound of a train engine roaring.

Look at your smartphone or tablet and find your favorite app. A logo would be the app icon on your home screen. When you touch it, you know what you’re opening because you visually recognize it. However, it’s not until the moment you actually open the app that you experience the multiple facets/aspects that the app has to offer you. It’s the recognizable sounds, the visually appealing graphics, the interactive aspects, the badges, the various efficient functions that continue to attract you, the consumer. In these moments as you tap, swipe, and type, you are experiencing the brand. And, this is what makes you keep going back wanting more of what you’ve experienced. Without such fulfilling interactions, your need for the product diminishes and the app is wiped from your screen.

Logos vs Branding

A logo can be seen as a short interpretation of a brand, but it can’t and doesn’t represent every aspect of a brand. A logo is merely a visual element that creates instant recognition of a brand. Logos play a huge role in brand recognition but don’t fully convey the communication and emotions that a company attempts to relay to the target audience.

A brand is the voice of the company – it’s the bells and whistles that make the engine run – how loud it is, and how fast and smooth it runs. This is the core of the company that communicates with the audience beyond the instant visual recognition. It evokes emotion about your company and is what sets you apart from anybody else. Anytime a person comes into contact with your business, this is the voice they hear that will resonate with them when they walk away from your business – potentially talking to others about this experience.

Branding is key to visual consistency throughout a company. Branding sets guidelines from the bottom to the top of company ladder. Consistent branding throughout a company is important for many reasons. When you have a brand in place, and people experience this brand, they expect the same experience with every encounter they have with your company. An inconsistency can create confusion in not just clients, but in employees as well. The brand is the company’s voice – it’s important to ensure that your company is saying the same thing everywhere it goes and with everybody in comes in contact with.

You may be asking yourself “What is the significance of this for my business venture?” It’s imperative to understand that unique logos are significant for brand recognition, but a brand communicates with your target audience on a much more intimate psychological level, thus creating trust in the product or service you offer. Make the decision to invest into your company’s success by creating a brand that conveys an unparalleled experience! This will turn your clients into something so much more than just a group of people – they will become your voice beyond your brand.

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