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CSS Buttons – Download Cascading Buttons CSS

January 22, 2013

CSS Buttons Save the Day


UPDATE: Bootstrap has solved many of the issues with creating beautiful buttons easily; however, if you aren’t using Bootstrap, this little bit of code is still very useful for easily creating lightweight CSS Buttons. This article has become one of the most popular on our site due to it’s ease of use. Feel free to use it, and if you feel so inclined, give us a shout out somewhere and link back to this article.

Cascading Buttons (CSS Buttons) is another little useful bit of code for all you web developers. I’ve created this CSS Button framework to simplify the creation of web buttons. Simply upload the CSS file and small gradient image to your site. Then, include buttons.css (@import url(‘PATH/TO/buttons.css’) at the top of your main stylesheet and make sure the gradient path is correct. Then start turning your a tags into beautiful buttons by adding the desired classes in your HTML. Enter your email address below to download a ZIP file of the CSS Button Code … Happy Coding!

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