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Our Capabilities

SINCE 2006

Web Development

Captivate your website visitors and convert them to customers with an engaging, responsive website.

Brand Development

Create a brand people identify with and turn your customers into your biggest advocates and brand cheerleaders.

Online Marketing

Drive traffic and capture new leads with white-hat SEO, PPC, email and various online marketing channels.

Video Production

We provide concept development, art direction and production for web and TV to help you share your story.

Website design happens in the space between Rock & Roll and Rocket Science.

Bridging technicality and creativity, but with fewer destroyed hotel rooms.

Custom Website Development

Web Development

A Truly Unique Website


Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Stylesheets, Oh My! Otherwise known as front-end development, our beautiful websites are coded in-house to ensure we maintain the highest level of code quality. HTML and CSS are the primary framework for what customers see when they arrive at your site. All the other technical stuff happens in the background.

Database Architecture

This is the technical stuff. Simply put, a database is an engine for storing data and structuring in a way that allows developers to query and deliver the data in a useful way. Databases allow for complex development, like ecommerce websites, inventory management or simpler projects like retrieval of website content.

Content Management System

At Brady Mills we work with a variety of content management systems, including Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. Customizing these content management solutions, allows our customers the ability to more easily manage website data with an interface that caters to their specific needs and ability level. Often, we hear our clients express amazement at how easily they are able to update their website.


We build custom shopping carts for complex transactions and integrated functionality. Off-the-shelf solutions often lack the flexibility our clients need. From custom reporting to advanced purchasing options, our systems are built with the client (and the client's customers) in mind.

Good branding can take a business from the sky to the stratosphere.

Let us create a brand as unique as you.

Recognizable Brands

Brand Development

Visual Identity


Establishing a significant and unique presence in the market which will attract and retain loyal customers. A consistent name and image helps you stand out and establishes recognition and trust.

Brand Research

Analysis of consumer behavior and identification of competitive strategies and target demographics paints a picture of the ideal brand. This research lays the foundation for a strong brand strategy.

Graphic Design

Branding requires consistency. From logos to business cards and brochures, our designers can help create beautiful marketing collateral which represents the unique style of our clients.

Promotional Materials

Need pens, cups, shirts or some other branded take-away for your next event? We can help you find the perfect, quality item to promote your business.

Reach out. Follow up.

Writing letters isn't just for grandma anymore.

Stand out online

Online Marketing

SEO, SMM, PPC & Email

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a popular method for reaching clients directly without high delivery and print costs. We can plan, write, design manage, deliver and monitor the success of your campaign. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the awesome results.

Landing Pages

A great companion to email marketing and social campaigns, landing pages promote individual products, promotions and events. These pages have the unique ability to boost conversions, because they address specific client needs and offer a solution at the click of a button.


Content is King. We help you ensure that your website offers valuable, search optimized, structured content that will get you higher rankings in search results. We ensure that your page titles, urls, and meta data are search optimized and our clean, crawl-friendly code is ready to get cozy with the search engines.

PPC / Adwords

Along with helping you place your ads and managing the campaigns for effectiveness, we ensure that your pay per click ads continue to provide great results with keyword research, optimization and bid management. We deliver a strong strategy that lays the foundation for a successful campaign.

ROI Analysis

This is one of the most important things we do every day. From measuring click-through rates to determining the return on investment, we monitor and adjust your ad campaigns as needed to ensure you are receiving the biggest bang for your buck.

Social Media

Effectively managing social media is more than a post here and a like there. From daily chit chat to in-depth audits and long-term strategies, we find ways to best reach your audience and convert followers to customers, and customers to brand advocates.

Video stories create powerful customer relationships.

Powerful customer relationships create powerful profits.

Video & Audio Production

Video Production

Masters in Audio/Visual

Video Pre-Production

From creating storyboards and scripts to planning the shoot, supplies and crew, our team can handles this most critical part of the production process. A successful video shoot depends on thorough planning.

Video Production

Also known as "principle photography," the main task of production is to capture the project animation, film or design. This is the moment where all of the planning culminates into something special.

Video Post-Production

Editing, music, voice overs, sound, colors, titles, credits, special effects, compression and encoding are just a part of this important and intensive process. Post-production can transform a video from good to great.