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Posted by Brady Mills

Modifications to my Morning Ritual

August 28, 2012

I am always looking for new ways to balance my work and personal life, while maintaining my spiritual awareness. Today, I read about top executive morning rituals. While some were less appealing, there were a few that stuck out. So, I’ve resolved that the first hour of my mornings will be similar…

My typical morning involves waking up fairly early, making a nice iced latte and sitting on my back deck for about an hour. During this time, I just enjoy nature and focus on centering myself with the Earth. I listen to the wind and birds and watch the small insects crawling around occupied with their current mission. Now, I will add a new element… From now on, during my hour of morning meditation, I will also focus on what’s good about my life and be thankful for where I am. Additionally, I will spend some time focusing on where I want to be and what’s next, visualizing the realization of those things.

Steve Jobs once said, if you live every day like it’s your last, one day you will be right. He has since seen that final day. Therefore, I will ask myself if whatever I’m doing or plan to do is what makes me happy, because ultimately happiness far outweighs money or fame.

Eliminate the pursuit of worldly desires, open your heart to the universe, love wisely but completely, work hard, be genuine, appreciate more, keep giving back, find your purpose, and never forget it.