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Add Another Email Address to Your Gmail Account

May 2, 2013
Clients often ask us how to receive emails from another account, including their @web domain account address in one place. Gmail offers a solution for receiving email from other accounts and replying from the correct address, so we figured we'd take this opportunity to share the solution.

Are you looking for a way to add a send-from address to your Gmail account? Perhaps you have a domain and you’d like to set up your existing Gmail account to send and receive emails from that account, in addition to your current Gmail account. I always get this question and doing this is super easy, so I thought I’d blog about it!

Just follow these steps:

Typically, if a client wants to do this, I just set up a forwarding only account and forward their domain email to their existing Gmail account. This is not an actual email account, but think of it as an alias that just directs the email to your existing account.

Once you’ve done that… You just need to configure your Gmail account!

1) Log into your existing Gmail account.

2) Navigate to settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right of your account (under your profile picture)



3) Go to the Accounts & Import Tab



4) Click the “Add another email address you own” hyperlink




5) Enter the information about your other email address on this screen.




6) Since you’ve already set up forwarding, just check your existing Gmail account for the confirmation code that Gmail will send. Navigate back to the Accounts and Import tab under Settings and plug in the code.

NOTE: You have the option under settings and import to send email from the address an email was originally sent to. I always keep this option selected, but use that however you like for your particular situation.



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